Thank you!

We would like to say “thank you” to all of the vendors and attendees that came to our circus! We had a great time – I hope you did too! See you next time!

The ICIT Mid-Year Committee

A special message from our friends at AOS and Cisco!




AOS is thrilled to announce we are planning a relaxed night of games, food, drinks, and networking at Ricochet in the East Village of Des Moines. Transportation will be provided to the event and back to the Marriott.

Ricochet is a BYOB game room.  Historically Des Moines had various ‘key clubs’ that allowed members to bring in their own drinks and enjoy a laid back atmosphere. Ricochet is bringing that back to Des Moines. We invite you to partake in food and libations while enjoying a fun night out in the historic East Village. They offer Ping Pong, Deck Shuffleboard, Pool, Darts, Foosball and Bags.

It’s Time For Security in an Unsecure World.

AOS is working with Cisco to make security more visible, more innovative and simply more connected than ever before

  • See more:  Know what¹s happening across your entire network, and use global threat intelligence to make better decisions, faster
  • Protect better:  Stop threats before, during, and after attacks with our network security solutions and extend security everywhere, protect from more attack vectors
  • Respond faster:  Automate security, even after attacks, across physical, virtual, and cloud to reduce complexity and quickly executed remediation.

Join Security Design Architect, John Guzman as he covers the threats that face enterprises of all scopes today.



ricochet-2.114636If you haven’t registered for The 2016 ICIT Mid-Year Conference, do not miss this event!

You can register here.

If you will not be joining us on the bus, Ricochet is located at:

502 Locust Street
Des Moines IA


The Circus is almost here!

Have you got your ticket for the show yet? Time is running out! It’s only a few saw bucks, and you will definitely have a fun time and learn a lot! What are you waiting for? It’s going to be a straw house this year, that you can count on!

Since our pitchman last sent out an electronic news bulletin, we have added a few acts to our Pit of Curiosities:

  • Getting Started with Python Scripting
  • Mobile Device Management
  • GIS Management Roundtable
  • HIPAA Discussion

On Thursday night be sure to bring your ace notes and fins for the cash bar, or they will tell you to scram!

We might even have a Candy Butcher with some circus snacks for everyone to enjoy!

We’ve unloaded all of the baggage wagons and are starting to set up the Big Top. I can even see the clowns waiting in Clown Alley.

See you in a few weeks!

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Entertainment to Astonish and Amaze!

The party for Wednesday evening is being held at Ricochet in the East Village in Des Moines and it’s sponsored by AOS and Cisco.




Start time:  6 PM

End time:    9 PM

There will be yummy eats, lots of drinks to tickle your innards, games (foosball, retro games, and more), videos and all kinds of festivities for you to enjoy!  We might even discuss security….

Transportation will be provided, so no worries about parking or intoxication when it’s time to skidoo. We don’t want anyone of you wisenheimers to end up in the hoosegow. More information on Ricochet can be found here:

We have a surprise event planned for Thursday evening that will astonish and amaze! So pull on your gas-pipes and get gussied up for this event. It’s going to be a great time! We can’t wait to see all of your gigglemugs!

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Step inside our Pit of Curiosities!

We are going to have a humdinger of a show this year, folks! We aren’t a rinky-dink organization, so you can only expect the best! You have already heard about the delicious food we have planned, now let me tell you about the educational sessions. There will be many great opportunities to take home useful knowledge and meet great people. Here are some of the shows planned in our Pit of Curiosities!

If GIS is your racket, then we have quite a few sessions for you in the Fire Breathing Room. There will be ample time to learn about ArcGIS Online, the Esri Web AppBuilder and the Collector App (even if you’re not the biggest toad in the puddle). You will also hear about what’s going on in GIS at the State level and see an amazing MAGIC ArcGIS act with the Mysterious MAGIC Marks from Muscatine!

If you’re an IT professional, then quit your bellyaching and mosey on over to the Sword Swallowing Room. There will be sessions on Cybersecurity, HyperV, Active Directory, and Spiceworks. Need to keep an eye on your monkeys? We will have a great session on video surveillance that will be very educational.

Do you already know about those topics and need some other ideas? Well, bully for you! You are in luck because in the Magic Acts Room we are excited to have a presentation entitled “Big Data with Big Doug Tonnemacher.” Even though he is a well-known grifter around these parts, the topic should prove very interesting. You may also delight in attending our Parcel Weirdness and Other Strange Tales session. Who knows what shocking parcel surveys will be revealed!

If you have signed up to be one of the acts in our Pit of Curiosities and have not yet given your info to the Ringmaster, please fill out this form:

Don’t be a chump, register today! The circus is in town for three days only! See it before it’s gone!

Come one! Come all!

Plans are afoot for this year’s ICIT Conference to be held at the West Des Moines Marriott June 15-17. Let’s talk food – a subject near to my heart. This conference has always fed us extremely well and this year will be no exception. The menus include a burger and brat buffet one day and a walking taco bar the next with grilled diced chicken mixed with spanish rice, and/or ground taco meat with tomatoes, onions and black beans. Dinner is fantastic – we tasted it. It features Chicken Saltimbocca and a grilled pork cutlet (no need to choose – you get both), asiago risotto, green beans and a trifle of tiramisu. Yum. Stuffed potato skins will get you up in time for breakfast. I would attend for the food alone! The content is also shaping up to be superb this year. Topics you really want to hear about and some ‘how-to’ to go along with the ‘what-to’. The entertainment events will provide something for everyone. More on all that later.

In the meantime, it’s not too early to get registered and book a room! Send in the clowns!!

Register here:    Be sure to choose your t-shirt.

Registration is a little different this year since we are using a service from ISAC. All you need to do is create a new login and password, and then you are good to go!

Vendor Registration

Hello All,

To register, please go to and navigate to “Events Calendar” then to “Meetings” and click on “Available Meetings.”  You will need to create a log-in first before you can access the registration.  Once you’ve created your log-in credentials and successfully navigated to the ICIT 2016 Mid-year Exhibitor Registration page, you will notice a few options have changed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cody Barrett (  Also, there are sponsorship opportunities available for Wednesday night and Thursday night events.  Please contact Cody directly if you’re interested in the Wednesday/Thursday night events.

Hope to see you in June!