Step inside our Pit of Curiosities!

We are going to have a humdinger of a show this year, folks! We aren’t a rinky-dink organization, so you can only expect the best! You have already heard about the delicious food we have planned, now let me tell you about the educational sessions. There will be many great opportunities to take home useful knowledge and meet great people. Here are some of the shows planned in our Pit of Curiosities!

If GIS is your racket, then we have quite a few sessions for you in the Fire Breathing Room. There will be ample time to learn about ArcGIS Online, the Esri Web AppBuilder and the Collector App (even if you’re not the biggest toad in the puddle). You will also hear about what’s going on in GIS at the State level and see an amazing MAGIC ArcGIS act with the Mysterious MAGIC Marks from Muscatine!

If you’re an IT professional, then quit your bellyaching and mosey on over to the Sword Swallowing Room. There will be sessions on Cybersecurity, HyperV, Active Directory, and Spiceworks. Need to keep an eye on your monkeys? We will have a great session on video surveillance that will be very educational.

Do you already know about those topics and need some other ideas? Well, bully for you! You are in luck because in the Magic Acts Room we are excited to have a presentation entitled “Big Data with Big Doug Tonnemacher.” Even though he is a well-known grifter around these parts, the topic should prove very interesting. You may also delight in attending our Parcel Weirdness and Other Strange Tales session. Who knows what shocking parcel surveys will be revealed!

If you have signed up to be one of the acts in our Pit of Curiosities and have not yet given your info to the Ringmaster, please fill out this form:

Don’t be a chump, register today! The circus is in town for three days only! See it before it’s gone!

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