The Circus is almost here!

Have you got your ticket for the show yet? Time is running out! It’s only a few saw bucks, and you will definitely have a fun time and learn a lot! What are you waiting for? It’s going to be a straw house this year, that you can count on!

Since our pitchman last sent out an electronic news bulletin, we have added a few acts to our Pit of Curiosities:

  • Getting Started with Python Scripting
  • Mobile Device Management
  • GIS Management Roundtable
  • HIPAA Discussion

On Thursday night be sure to bring your ace notes and fins for the cash bar, or they will tell you to scram!

We might even have a Candy Butcher with some circus snacks for everyone to enjoy!

We’ve unloaded all of the baggage wagons and are starting to set up the Big Top. I can even see the clowns waiting in Clown Alley.

See you in a few weeks!

Register Today!

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